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Healthy Air, Healthy YOU

Why Are Humidifiers Important For Your Health?


1. Protect against airborne viruses.
2. Clears away allergens & asthma triggers.
3. Protects against dry skin, dry hair, and scratchy throat.
4. Protects the respiratory system.


If there were a way to lower your heating costs without buying a new furnace, would you want to know?

Humidifiers help reduce your heating bills in the winter. Humidifier water vapours hold more heat than dry air. When you feel warm, you can save money by turning down your thermostat, which will definitely make a difference for your comfort, your bills, and the environment!

If there were a way to be more comfortable in your home without buying a new furnace, would you want to know?

Humidifiers have the ability to reduce winter illnesses. The dry indoor air is continuously draining moisture from your body. This may lead to low-level dehydration that can reduce your productivity with dry skin, fatigue, and headaches.

Did You Know?

1. Dry air will suck the moisture out of your furniture. This can lead to cracking in your furniture, especially if it’s wood. The dry air can cause hardwood floors and window frames to crack or split as well.n2. Humidifiers can reduce static electricity in your home.n3. Plants are also affected by the dry winter air. Their leaves begin to hang down and the soil becomes dryer. A humidifier will help keep you and your plants healthy.n4. The maintenance of a humidifier is almost non-existent. Except for a once-a-year replacement of the evaporator panel filter!

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