Air Source Membership Plus


Ideal for customers that own multiple properties. Get all the benefits of the Membership Plus program at discounted rates.



Air Source Members Plus frequently asked questions

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Yearly Repair Bucks

Available at the 1 year anniversary of the membership. The $20 repair bucks compound annually if not used and the membership remained in good standing.

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Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated service team that ensure the fastest response possible for the 

Air Source Members Plus 

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1 Year Repair Warranty

If a part fails that Air Source Installed in a repair within 1 year of the repair, it will be fixed at no charge. 

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Local Discounts

When signed up for the Air Source Members Plus an email will be sent with your custom Membership Card to present to the vendor to receive their offer.

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$5 Donation

Every year for each membership purchased we will donate $5 to local charities. These charities will change and the donations will be completed in lump sums.

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Special Rates

Air Source Members Plus have special rates for service, installation, diagnostics and more! Our members receive these discounts automatically as long as your account is in good standing.