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AC Maintenance - Save Repair Costs!

Your air conditioning system is your best friend on a hot summer day. An efficiently working air conditioning system not only saves you from the hot weather but also provides you mental peace and calm. That is why it is absolutely essential that your air conditioner is running perfectly during those hot summer days.

You might ask why we are stressing on the maintenance of your HVAC during summers only? Well, that is because generally your unit is pushed to its limits only during summers. In a lot of homes, it is operating day and night without any breaks. So it is immensely important that you pay attention to HVAC maintenance in summer.

By optimizing the performance of your AC, you will be avoiding any sudden breakdowns. Ultimately it costs much more to get your AC fixed than keeping it in check regularly.

Maintenance Tips for HVAC During Summer

By maintaining your AC unit with diligence, you can keep it running at its peak performance. Following are some of the things that you can do yourself to make sure that your AC keeps running properly.

Early Testing in Spring

Nothing would be worse than you turning on your AC on a hot summer day, only to find out that it is not working. It could take a few days for your technician to visit and troubleshoot the problem. That is extremely inconvenient. So make sure that you try running it and get it fixed if there is any problem.

Thermostat Schedule in Summer

This is especially important for families with kids. Schools are all doing summer months. Most of the families plan out vacations during these months. Your whole schedule is changed; you no longer have to get up only in the morning to get your kids ready for school.

  • All of your family members are home during the day, so adjust your settings accordingly. You can do so by setting the setbacks for more occupancy hours.

  • If you leave your home for outdoor sports, leaving the house empty, make sure that appropriate settings are in place. When leaving for vacations, make sure to activate the hold or vacation mode so that your thermostat saves energy.

  • You can also utilize smart thermostats. A smart thermostat works for saving more energy and keeping the monthly electric bill low. By using Wi-Fi, the system will be automated and free from human error.

Ensuring Proper Airflow

For an air conditioner to function effectively, there must be good airflow in the house and also within the HVAC system itself. A lot of HVAC-related problems can be caused by obstructions in airflow. You can keep the performance of your AC at an optimum level by carrying out the following steps.

  • First of all, clean off the exterior part of your air conditioner. This is done to remove the dust, leaves, or any other kinds of contaminants from the exterior of the system. If your outdoor unit is placed on the lawn, make sure that there are no plants or tall-grown grass within 2 meters radius of the outdoor unit. This will prevent any branches or shrubs from obstructing the airflow. Also avoid putting any storage items or boxes right beside the outdoor unit.

  • Check if any registers are blocked. A lot of times, ventilation is blocked by furniture, rugs, and household appliances.

  • After making sure that all the vents and air grills are open, check the air filter of your furnace. You should always change the air filter on a regular basis. Air conditioning systems run more frequently during the summertime, causing lots of debris to fill up the filters. It is recommended that you check the air filters once every month to see if they need replacing.

To avoid costly repairs we recommend having your AC inspected at least once a year. Your air conditioner will thank you. Air Source Home Comfort completes a 22 point inspection to keep your AC running healthy all summer.

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