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AC not giving cool air? Might be because of a frozen coil.

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Brace yourselves, summers are coming. Before you know it, it will be warm again. During that season, your air conditioner is your best friend. A properly functioning air conditioner not only makes your home cool but also allows you to focus on your work in your office. This is a common issue that can restrict your AC from giving cool air – a frozen coil.

Let us see the causes, signs, and solutions of this problem.

What causes the coils to freeze?

For Air conditioners to work smoothly, it is important that the airflow is reaching throughout the equipment. This airflow keeps the temperature optimal and allows the proper working of the machine. If the airflow is restricted, it will not move through the evaporator coil freely. This can cause a drop in temperature and the AC coil will freeze. The restriction is commonly caused by a dirty air filter. So that is the first place to look if you have a frozen AC.

Air conditioners need the right refrigerant levels to work properly. If there is a refrigerant leak, the refrigerant pressure will drop. This pressure drop leads to a cooler temperature. Subsequently, the temperature of the AC coils also decreases which leads to freezing.

Refrigerant leaks are not the only cause of a frozen AC coil. In this case you would have to call a professional technician from Air Source Home Comfort.

Signs of a frozen air conditioning coil.

Following are some of the signs that you may experience if your air conditioning coils are frozen.

  • No cool air coming out of the air conditioner despite the equipment running.

  • Visible ice on the outdoor and indoor coils.

  • Increased condensation inside the room. This happens because the frozen cooling coils create a moisture buildup.

Troubleshooting a frozen air conditioning .

If you are witnessing the above-mentioned signs, there are some steps that you can take and troubleshoot the issue before you seek help from an HVAC repair professional.

  • Change the air filter of your air conditioner. In a lot of cases, clogged air filters are the reason behind frozen coils. If the air filter becomes filled with pollutants, it restricts the airflow through the cooling equipment. That is why it is essential that you change the filter to allow a smooth flow of the air.

  • For Air conditioners, turn on the fan while keeping the thermostat off. This will cause the air to move over the indoor coil, eventually unfreezing it. It can take the coil a couple of hours to defreeze. It is important to thaw the coil slowly. Do not turn on the heat to try to melt the coil faster as this can cause damage to the furnace.

How to fix frozen air conditioning coils?

In a lot of cases, frozen AC coils will need professional help from an HVAC repair company. HVAC repair professionals will make the following repairs to restore the equipment's function.

  • Cleaning of the coils. A lot of times frozen coils are caused by the dirt preventing the heat exchange. The technicians will clean your coils and remove all the buildup dirt and grime for proper heat exchange.

  • Fixing refrigerant leaks. After inspecting the refrigerant system, your technician will identify the leakage source. Your HVAC technician will repair the system and make necessary adjustments to prevent it from happening again.

  • Duct repairs. The airflow in the air conditioner can also be hindered due to damaged ductwork. By replacing or repairing the faulty ducts, this issue can be resolved.

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