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Technician Training and Education - Over 40 Hours a Year!

Gas is the most dangerous component in your home. Naturally, you want to have the best company that contains skilled technicians completing your services. Your heating and air conditioning system has a ton of moving parts that require technicians to refresh their skills regularly. Air Source Home Comfort takes training extremely seriously and so do the technicians. Air Source Home Comfort technicians complete over 40 hours of training every year to ensure the customer has an amazing experience. Here is a video of our latest sheet metal training.


Below we have a few pictures of the previous training sessions we have completed.

We have some other amazing blogs to help you when you're in a pinch:

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AC Maintenance - Save Repair Costs!

As usual, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for any repairs, service, or installation for your ductless, or central AC. View our Cooling Specials Here.

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