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Spring Air Conditioning Start-Tips (Video)

Spring has arrived which means it’s only a matter of time before the heat hits Barrie Ontario. Is your central air conditioner ready? Watch the video to ensure your air conditioner is ready to take on summer!


To recap the Air Conditioning Start-up Tips be sure to complete the following:

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    2. At the outdoor condenser, it is common to have the air conditioner covered with a surrounding cover that goes over the top of the unit or a piece of wood to protect it from falling ice. The first thing we need to do is remove the cover.


    1. Plants can affect your central air conditioner’s efficiency and lifespan. The second thing we have to do is clear away any and all greenery and ensure that there is nothing surrounding the unit that will restrict airflow around the unit.


    1. If you notice that there is any grass stuck in the unit, take a garden hose and spray the unit out from the inside of the condenser. This will again help airflow for your air conditioner.


    1. Check that the breaker is on in the electrical panel. It should be labeled for your air conditioning unit. Make sure this is on and ready to provide power to your AC.


    1. The last and most important AC start-up tip is to check your furnace filter. Dirty filters are the #1 cause of air conditioning repairs and service calls. You do not need anything higher than a MERV 7-8 on your furnace when buying filters. The ideal price point is around $15 per filter.


We hope this is a good reminder for your Spring AC start-up! Thank you to all of our amazing customers for all the support year after year!


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